Working with a centrally installed library of Scientific software creates a situation where the user is detached from the install process.

So you might have to press y/n or ‘I accept’ on the users behalf when install Zero Cost software.

But there is a subtlety in there that is caused by small ‘you must’ requests being added to the terms of download

Firstly I understand why people might want to say ‘you must cite my software’.

But it is the word ‘must’ here that creates the problem – it is an implied license term outside the clear definitions of ‘Free and Open Source’ and library of established licenses for FOSS.

A large number of Academics understand what ‘Free and Open Source’ software means and that it goes beyond ‘zero cost’. Unfortunately there are as many who do not understand the distinction.

The solution is training. Do take the time to discuss software licensing and point people to a Wikipedia page