Consultancy relies in no small part in having a skill set which reflects what is hot in the IT marketplace.

Skills that may have served you well a couple of years ago might need refreshing or replacing with skills that are more in demand.

Cloud computing skills (google app engine and Amazon S3) are up and coming skills certainly.

In the UK these skills will be in demand, but personally I will not be focussing on those areas just yet.

Here is a skills matrix I have recently produced (darker is better) showing the areas in which I am skilled:

Skills Matrix

Skills Matrix - Stronger skills are shown in darkest colours

I feel this picture gives a reasonable picture of where I am at today and where I would like to be in a year or so. To have all the skills showing as dark green would be saying that I have no plans to to develop future skills. Not having enough dark greens would show that I am currently working entirely in areas which I want to leave (not the case).

Depending on how my training pans out in practice it may be that I do fit in some of the cloud computing skills perhaps at the expense of Tomcat, Xen, MySQL.

Hopefully I will be able to post an updated skills matrix a year or so from now.

PS Calling this a ‘Skills Matrix’ might lead to some comments about how this picture is not in fact a matrix. I did think about calling it a skills table or a skills diagram but the title ‘Skills Matrix’ fitted best for me.

I do understand what a true matrix is as this post illustrates: Maxima and matrices