python -m unittest discover

…should work fine when you have set everything up with a bit of forethought

If you see response ‘Ran 0 tests’ then try

touch tests/

If you fail to create an empty in your tests folder, then Python (rightly) will not recognise it [ as a module ]

Rerun your discover command and if missing was holding you up, then you should now be further along.

Along the way you have just learned a little about project structure, and Python requirements generally for modularised code.


Argument parsing in ANSI C has several helper functions.

The atoi() function is commonly used.

In C99 a new atoll() function was created.

On GNU / Linux systems /usr/bin/c99 will compile your ANSI C to C99 standard.

If you use /usr/bin/c99 and asprintf() function in your code, then you might want to include the following line, just before your include <stdio.h>

#define _GNU_SOURCE

Having that ‘# define’ will help you avoid warnings such as:

warning: implicit declaration of function ‘asprintf’